If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have 7 days to contact us at hola@awaibiza.com and we will give you a return shipping number. The product has to be returned as it arrived, in its original packaging with all its accessories, the box and the documentation.

  • No article will be refunded if it does not arrive in perfect condition.
  • The return of the product will be admitted provided that the client takes charge of the management expenses.
  • If the product has arrived in poor condition, the return will be free of charge for the customer.
  • Refunds will not be accepted in which it is observed that the product was used and is not in its original state.
  • You can change the bracelets for others of the same value, if not, you will have to pay the difference.


Steps to follow

  1. Contact us at hola@awaibiza.com to detail the incident or return, order number, address and items you wish to return.
  2. Shortly we will provide you with a return shipping number that you will have to put next to the address that we give you.
  3. Wrap the product as it came with everything that came inside, and seal it properly, remembering to include the address and the return shipping number that we have provided.
  4. As soon as we receive the product and make the pertinent checks, we will refund your credit card within 18 working days.