• 925 Silver
  • The diameter of the closed bracelet is 5.5 cm. Open 8.5 cm approximately.
  • Bracelet width between 4mm / 5mm.
  • Handmade, so the sizes may vary by a few mms.
  • Square knot: Flat knot.
  • Snake knot: Rounded knot, shorter, fits the finer wrists.
  • All bracelets have a freshwater pearl on the closure.
  • Macramé made of cotton with polymers, a combination of very resistant materials. Material that keeps its colour longer than 100% cotton.
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925 Silver


Macrame made of cotton with polymers, a combination of very resistant materials. Material that maintains its color longer than 100% cotton.


If you have purchased one of our bracelets we would like to make some recommendations so you can enjoy them for a long time. Our bracelets are made by hand, the macramé they wear is a durable knot. So that they remain intact, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always close the bracelet from the knots, never pull from the pearl they have at the end of the knot since it is held with a very fine silver needle and if you pull it you could break it.
  • Always close the bracelet sideways by pulling the knots towards the bracelet, if you pull the knots upwards you could break the clasp that is also made by hand. If you are alone and you do not have anyone to help you close it you can take the knot with your thumb and middle finger and press on the clasp with your index finger, once you have all your fingers in place, gently pull until you reach the desired measure. Do this with both sides.
  • If the bracelet you have purchased gold plated or pink gold, we recommend that you do not use it in swimming pools or in the sea, since both waters contain corrosive products, chlorine in the case of the pool and salt in the case of the sea, that would make the gold plating to wear out faster than necessary. Take care of it so that it lasts longer as you bought it.


When silver becomes dark it is due to oxidation, it is generated as a result of contact with acids, either from your own of the body or from external sources.
The sweat of our body and the variation of the pH of our skin is often what produces that oxidation, the acidification of the PH can be propitiated for several reasons; nutrition, the consumption of medicines, etc. There are also external agents that can cause the darkening of silver such as hypochlorite (bleach) and humidity in the environment. So that this does not happen to you, try to take off your jewels if you think you can be exposed to such acidic agents.

Si vas a guardar tu collar o tu pulsera en un joyero, hazlo en una bolsa hermética. Mantenerlas mucho tiempo sin usarlas en contacto con el oxígeno puede hacer que estas se oscurezcan. No las dejes en el baño, el vapor también le quitaría el brillo.

If you have forgotten to follow the care that we offer here, there are liquids or wipes on the market with which you can clean the silver or put them in soapy water for at least 15 minutes and dry them carefully with a cloth.


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